Creating Your Life... - It's "As You Like It."
Having trouble 'Tuning In' to your higher guidance?
First, make sure you ASK.
 (If you are not into talking to a higher power, or believing in one at all, that is ok, you can still work with me.  I am not here to tell you what to do, only to guide you to your true self-the one that lives in freedom and joy. Whatever your path is to doing that is up to you)!

Invite the Creator (or word of your choice)  into your life by asking him/her to be with you and guide you.  And always ask for that which is for your HIGHEST GOOD.
If you are really handing over the keys to God/Creator/Higher Power, you do not need to pray for specific things or outcomes.  You need only pray for guidance for that which is for your HIGHEST GOOD.  By doing it this way, you know that whatever guidance you receive that feels right to you is divinely guided, and ultimately for your highest good.
Don't be afraid to try it.
If you have received guidance whether immediately after asking or at any other random time, don't be afraid to act on it if it feels genuine and divinely guided. 
Don't worry if you're going to feel silly or you don't know how someone else will react if you go through with what you are guided to do.  If you feel you are supposed to talk to someone out of the blue, turn right instead of left, be an hour late for a meeting, or anything else, you must learn to trust that it is FOR YOUR HIGHEST GOOD, just like you asked for.
 Don't let the advice of other humans
Interfere with your inner guidance
There are no other 'experts' out there.  Unless your higher power guides you to someone or something for a specific answer and it feels right in your gut, NO ONE knows what's best for you or your child better than you and your God. 
Know that you are WORTHY
If anyone in your life has ever told you that you are unworthy of God's love, check if that really feels true to you. 
Consider what you would rather believe in when given a choice.
You are allowed to believe in a loving, guiding and forgiving God who wishes to assist you in fulfilling all of the gifts that she has seeded you with.  You are worthy of a God who seeks only to see you bring into existence all of his/her many dreams and expressions.  You are worthy of a loving hand that guides you to all that you are meant to be.
You are worthy of LOVE.

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