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Beyond "ADD and ADHD"
Labels are not empowering to anyone.
We have a responsibility to our children as well as ourselves.  They came here to help us create the world we have been craving in ourselves, our families, and our communities.  Let us be sure to listen to what they are showing us. For more on this, please see my blog entry titled "Education."
If you are struggling to know what to believe about any 'diagnosis' your child may have received, consider this...Why would you accept those truths about your child from anyone other than the 'expert' him/herself? -- God (higher power of choice).  The really great part about it is expert knowledge from the ultimate 'expert' is free and available to anyone.  And God's advice is brilliantly designed to create 'ease' and 'life.'  (If you're having trouble receiving your higher power's advice, visit the 'Constructing Your Life' tab for tips).
When our children are stymied with any one of these labels by a human authority figure, they are being disempowered and taught to believe that they are faulted in some way. 
The truth is entirely the opposite. 
ALL children are brilliant, sensitive, inventive, creative, and strong.
They are here to help carry us into the new world, if we will only let them.
Below I will offer some tips to help you recognize your child's true essence.
I will offer a table of traits as they 'appear' and what is really true.
I will also offer a list of suggestions at the end to help you support your child in discovering their true gifts and sharing them with the world.

There are many people who are even more involved in this topic than I am, but it is information that I really want to get out there, even as a first step.
Commonly Observed Traits
Not paying attention

Disregard for Authority

No respect for you
What can we do?
Until there exist schools that value the children's unique talents and attributes and 'guide' instead of teach by force or copy and follow methods, you must follow your own judgment.
If your child is thriving in school and you are all happy, by all means stick to it.
If not, consider alternate schools and alternate types of homeschooling methods. 
Also, due to the extremely energy sensitive and empathic nature of these children, consider your surroundings and lifestyle. 
Do you rush from one thing to the next, never having 'time' for the things that are really important?
Maybe it's time to simplify.
Are they watching tv, playing video games, or spending too much time on the computer? 
 If so, stop or limit this and pay attention to the change that will happen when and if you do allow it.
I won't even go into the effects of EMF's here.
Are you feeding them good organic food?
To talk about the effects of pesticides, gmo foods, and junk food would be a whole other website. Needless to say, what they're eating has a major impact. 
Is your attitude healthy?  Is there a lot of destructive talk or habits in your or your significant other's vocabulary?  Do you have a positive outlook on life?
If this all seems too overwhelming,
remember to take baby steps.  Getting yourself all stressed out about how to achieve all of this will impede your progress rather than accelerate it.  Take a deep breath, and take it at your own pace.  We have been conditioned as a society to accept many things as truths which may not be our truths.  It may take a while to clean house and restore your soul to your own truths.
I have done a lot of research into this field and it is very close to my heart.  I would be more than happy to help you and your family if you would like to create more harmony at home.  For now, please check out this video...  it is a little science and a little spirituality, something for everyone. :)
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The New Children, Indigo Children, Crystal Children
8 Min. Documentary on the new generation of children known for their abilities. The documentary touches on both scientific and theoretical aspects of the topic. Directed by Hector Sierra. Produced by ...
What's really happening and
How to adjust
Today's children are extremely 'tuned in' and very sensitive.  Is there too much stimuli in the environment?  Too many children running here and there?  Too little time to be completely immersed in an activity before switching to another?  Too much tv, video games, loud noises, or unhealthy food?
Today's children are extremely bright and creative.  Is their creativity being stifled?  Are they bored by elementary concepts or unimportant things?
 The things that were important to learn in past decades and centuries are no longer important.  These kids know that, they will not be fooled.  If we desire a new way of doing things, we cannot continue to abide by the old systems.
Are they being forced to learn things that no longer have relevance?  Are they being made to do things within a rigorous, over-structured, outdated system?
 Gone are the days of 'Children should be seen and not heard', and
'You must respect and fear me, I am your parent, teacher, coach, etc.'Today's kids are in a very tough spot.  We desire change in the world and they are here to help us, but so many are not yet ready to listen.  Without a relationship built on mutual respect, why would these children want to share their gifts with us?  If we stifle them and force them to conform and obey, we are missing out on everything they have to share.  They will learn to despise us for our ignorance, and will choose to either act out or tune us out rather than share their precious gifts if they are not respected and treated as such.  It is the same with the important knowledge and many gifts that indigenous cultures possess.  If we will not respect their gifts, why would they want to offer to share them?
Our children are our greatest mirrors.  If your child is acting up, take a look at yourself first.  Are you displaying the same behaviors you dislike in your child? 
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