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“Drain that Pain”
Conversational Hypnosis/Energy Clearing

Drain that Pain is a new method of conversational hypnosis/energy healing.  It is a client-collaborative process where we identify the original source of the physical or emotional pain at an unconscious level, and then drain it out of the body using energy clearing techniques. 

The client is conscious and aware the entire time, and the practitioner aims to support and facilitate the clearing using the highest love, as well as assisting the client in disassociating from the pain until it can be released.  The client is kept totally safe and comfortable. 

Sessions can last anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours, depending on the depth and severity of the issue, and how much (if any) healing has been done previously.

It has proven to be a very powerful healing technique, with lasting and also immediate results in many cases.

Curious about the process and the results?
Check out what people are saying...

“I’ve had energy sessions before, but not like this. It was collaborative. I worked in tandem with Amanda as she guided me to move the energy out of my body. I felt it so strongly pass through me and now it’s gone. I feel the new open space mostly around my heart and no more heaviness! It’s so amazing! I highly recommend trying this process; it’s been the best I’ve ever experienced. Don’t wait to free yourself of any negative energies, life is too short and too beautiful not to live it fully from an abundance of love.” B.I.

 “In a safe, meditative space you helped me access and release pains I’d been holding onto- allowing me to feel lighter afterwards.”  R.H.

“I am more confident and I feel great!!!”  M.E.

“Drain That Pain! I had the honor of sitting through a session with Amanda in the middle of December 2017. It had been a long day and trip to get to our appointed meeting. When I arrived, I sensed peace in the space and as we entered the counseling room, the peace remained making it easy to let go of the frustrations of the day. During the session, Amanda walked me through a process to get rid of old pain, the root of many other pains in my life. She explained each step and was patient and nonjudgmental with my responses. When I left, I was at peace. I knew things were different as the energy was more free to move about around me. The next week was life as I knew it before with the exception of a peace knowing that whatever happened, it was for a reason. The second week was incredible! My cheeks hurt so much from all of the smiling and laughter I experienced and am still experiencing in the freedom! I have gained new clients, co-workers don’t recognize me, and the industry I am in recognizes and respects me for the first time I can recall in my life! It is amazing what the freedom from past pains can do in the energy exerted from a person!! The “vibes” are real. I highly recommend you try a session...even if you don’t know there is any pain there.”  M.E.

“I have had abundance pouring in to my life since our session. Money, resources, treats, clients, energy in so so many forms. I absolutely am over-the-top excited to see what comes through as I get down to a true zero with the past pain of financial fear/uncertainty.”  A.W.

"I woke up the next day feeling calm and peaceful, with a confidence that comes from self love. It coincided with the Solstice, giving me the idea that a palpable shift has happened and the belief that I can never go back to being small." S.S.

Fee: $100/session


To Celebrate the New Year and Support as Many People as Possible, I am offering 50% off all Drain That Pain Sessions until the end of January, 2018.  In-person appointments on Mondays or Skype appointments any day.  Email: or call 615-730-1682 for your spot. 

Not Sure if You Should Pick "Drain that Pain" or a Life Coaching Session?

Drain That Pain/Life Coaching Combo Sessions

Just $150 for:
One-90 minute life coaching session followed by a Drain that Pain session to clear whatever came up as the biggest underlying issue for you!

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