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Loving Mother Earth

Your spiritual practice will be greatly enriched if you tune into life in all forms.  Get outside and see what messages nature has for you.  It's the same as connecting with your higher power.  You can talk and listen to the birds, animals, trees, and plants just the same as you can talk to the Creator.  After all, it is all part of CREATION! 
1.  Plant a garden
2.  Spend quiet time outdoors
3.  Tune in to the animals, plants, and trees, they have much to teach
4.  Buy organic
5.  Buy local
6.  Walk or bike when you can
7.  Recycle or just don't buy or partake of what you don't need
8. Buy from places with sustainable business practices
9.  Trade or buy used items when it makes sense
10.  Thank the earth, plants, animals, and your higher power
 for all that they do for us!
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Mother Earth
A video about Mother Planet Earth by OneEarth.Org
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