Creating Your Life... - It's "As You Like It."
Keys to Peaceful Living   
  • Remember to ask for guidance from your higher power.
  • Always ask for things to work out "for your highest good."
  • Turn off the TV and unsubscribe to the newspaper.
  • Get outside and commune with nature.
  • Eat the healthiest foods you can, and use organic products whenever possible. 
  • Surround yourself with positive people  (as much as you are able), energy, and entertainment. Ponder what you are to learn from situations that are not as fun to be around/in. 
  • Rely on what YOU know is right, not what someone else tells you to do or recommends that you do.
  • Remember to look for the 'gift in the present'-- there is a divine reason for every moment, whether you understand it now or discover it later.
  • Try not to judge or tell anyone else what they should do.  Their path is their own, focus on you and you will be much more helpful to them.
  • Go with the flow, don't make plans that are inflexible or unchangeable.
  • Adopt a carefree attitude.  Whatever is happening or not happening is by design.  Keep the door open for blessings by recognizing every situation for what it can teach you.  Remember that each moment is either blissful or there to teach you something.
  • Adopt an 'attitude of gratitude.'  For starters, each night before you go to bed, think of 5 things that you are grateful for.  No matter what kind of day you had, you can always think of 5 things.
  • Do only things that are in alignment with YOU.  Do not say yes to things that will create resentment, or ask your higher power if it is for your highest good to do it.
Most of All...
Love more, Complain less.

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