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5 Weeks to a New You!
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Clearing Out and Deciding Who You Really Are
A 5 week interactive telecourse and deepening practice based on  the book,

  What better gift to give yourself than to find and live your inner truth, and then share with others to inspire them to do the same?
What you will learn:

Week 1:           Intro- “Who are you?”  And “Clearing Out”- How to recognize the ‘noise’ in everyday life and pick out what is true for you and what you inadvertently have adopted as your own.
Week 2:           How to distinguish your true voice from those voices that are/have been directed at you individually
Week 3:           Getting rid of the things you don’t use- What can you ‘let go?’
Week 4:           Re- Organizing!  Putting back positive things in the new spaces you’ve created by clearing out the old and worn out.
Week 5:           New You!  Who will you be?!
Just $50 for the whole 5 Weeks.
Dial in from anywhere!  Must have the ability to call a U.S. number by cell phone, land line or Skype, toll charges may apply.
To participate in this telecourse, you must purchase Life Salad- Everyday Keys to Finding and Living Your Inner Truth, by Amanda Dobra Hope on for $5.99 U.S. paperback or $.99 Kindle before the start of your first class.
Interactive Groups!  Live Discussions! 
Connecting with Others Who Want to
Discover their True Selves!
Tuesday nights at 7:00pm Central time.
1 ½ hours each night.  From the comfort of your own home!
 New Class Starting Soon!
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To register, call or e-mail first to find out when a new course is beginning.  Then, click on the  Paypal Option Below.
Be sure to include your name in the 'notes' section.
You will be sent a confirmation e-mail within 24 hours.
Your dial in information and access code will be e-mailed to you
before the first class.
5 Week Telecourse
Regular Price
Price: $50.00
Looking forward to our time together,
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