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Virtual Group​ Coaching/Community Memberships

Level Up With Your "Pod!"

Why Group Coaching?

Studies show we heal faster with a safe and supportive 

community around us.

There's a deep need for an affordable coaching option combined with community.

My aim is to fill this need with this integrative wellness experience, complete 

with the community we need to level-up exponentially during the 

auspicious and amazing times we are living in!

I am so encouraged by the shift in awareness that is happening in 

individual hearts across the globe.  

Why Is This Important?

In order to level-up as a society and global community, we must look within and apply generous amounts of love, support, and healing to our own wounds and traumas.

Even if we had a generally good childhood, we have all picked up patterns and attitudes that are simply not serving the amazing potential we have to expand, create, and serve humanity as a whole, while enjoying our lives to the fullest!  

Happy, healthy, thriving people can create the ripple effect needed to raise the consciousness of the whole. We start by wanting this for ourselves and others, believing we can have it and that we are worthy, and doing the healing and introspection needed to achieve the higher vibration that will up-level our relationships with ourselves, others around us, and the world as a whole.

So many people are ready and willing to put in the personal growth work, but individual coaching and therapy can still be out of reach financially for many. 

That's why I created this holistic wellness experience where you can access 32 hours of live coaching circles per week with me, including monthly special guests from other holistic modalities (Nutrition/Functional Medicine/Energy/Yoga/Qi-Gong/Ayurveda, etc.), plus access to a private, off FB community group, where you can share to your level of vulnerability and comfort to keep the conversations going long after the coaching calls end for the day.

What's Included?

Sessions available weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10am and 6pm CST 

Two hour holistic life coaching group sessions

Pick your sessions according to your schedule and time zone, or come 4x/week- your choice

Membership includes access to private, off- fb community group

Sessions are not recorded to provide member privacy during sessions

Only $100/month

Limited membership size to provide ample opportunities 

to ask questions and learn from others.

Monthly Guest Coaches in Various Holistic Modalities (Nutrition/Energy/Ayurveda, etc.)

$50 discount on individual life coaching packages for current group coaching members.

Click HERE to join now!

You Could Pay More, But Why?

You could pay $150+/hour of individual life coaching with  a qualified provider, or you can join "The Pod" 

and pay $100/month for access to up to 32 hours of available live group coaching time per month, 

plus a private, Off FB community forum where you can meet others, grow together, and take the 

discussion further for deeper healing.

We all need a safe and supportive place to go when we're looking to take personal responsibility 

for our lives and our emotional health.  Take your experience beyond here and there private 

sessions for $150+ per hour, and join a community where the attention and support is ongoing.  

Join "The Pod" today!

Who is This For?

Holistic Intuitive Life Coaching Group Sessions are for you if you are not currently experiencing a 

crisis situation and are looking to invest time and energy into healing repeating patterns, 

old wounds, traumas, and belief systems, and anything else that may be preventing you from living 

your best and most authentic life today.  

If you're looking for help clearing relationship patterns, career uncertainty, developing your 

intuition, and anything else that will lead to the expansiveness of your ability to create and thrive 

in your full authenticity, this is for you!

This is not for you if you are deep in a crisis situation, are experiencing current acute trauma, or in need of grief counseling.  Please contact the appropriate resources for more acute trauma healing (trauma based therapists and alternative practitioners) for more laser-focused help with immediate concerns.


About Your Life Coach

Amanda Dobra Hope, D.Hlc (Doctor of Holistic Life Coaching), M. Div., is an evolutionary teacher, award-winning author, speaker (TEDx, conferences, summits, etc), vision-holder, and holistic life coach. The author of: The Healing of the Masculine and Feminine- How to Truly Change the World From the Inside, Out; Holding Space-A Guide to Supporting Others While Remembering to Take Care of Yourself First; and Life Salad- Everyday Keys to Finding and Living Your Inner Truth, Amanda’s passion lies in helping people to develop healthier relationships with themselves—leading to healthier relationships with those around them, and in turn, the world as a whole. She empowers people to discover their authentic self and then to create a life in alignment with it. Amanda excels at meeting each person where they are at, holding them safe, and showing them where their true brilliance lies. Her sense of humor and warm personality allow her to quickly and deeply connect with readers, audiences, and clients. She is passionate about helping others uncover their true inner selves so that all have a chance to give their unique gifts in a world that works for everyone. Her belief is that when everyone on the planet loves themselves and can express their 

true gifts with passion and authenticity, we will all thrive. 

Join "The Pod" today!

"Amanda excels at meeting you where you are in your journey - whether you need a lot of listening, a lot of interaction, or a lot of support, she'll find the right mix for you. And if you're like me, that changes over time, and she adapts as you do. I came to Amanda because she was a holistic counselor, and I wanted therapy, but I didn't want a medical/clinical approach. My sessions with Amanda helped me learn so much about myself, and accept and love myself, and that's just what I was looking for." 

Lisa, Nashville

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