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Amanda Dobra Hope

Soul Alignment Coach for Executives, CEOs, and Entrepreneurs

Helping burned out executives, CEOs, and entrepreneurs 

re-connect to their inner voice and fulfill their soul's calling

Burned out executive...I see you. And I want you to know...

You're Here for a Purpose.


If the business you're running or what you're currently doing for a living isn't fueling your soul—it's draining your energy and holding you back from your true purpose.

The world needs you to be who you were meant to be.

Your family and friends need you to be who you were meant to be (even if they don't know that yet).

YOU need you to be who you were meant to be.

It's time to ditch the grind and stop doing what has always been expected of you or what you thought 

would help you “win” at life, because...

Your soul has had enough.

Does your life feel in alignment with your inner purpose?

I'm talking really aligned with your inner purpose?

If you did a life review right now, would you feel as though you have fulfilled your life's mission? Would your family and friends say you are aligned, authentic, and live a life full of purpose, passion, and authenticity?


What if you were living your whole truth?

Wouldn't it feel amazing to wake up on fire every morning—knowing that you're living your life in a way that not only suits you, but lifts the entire planet as well?

Do you long to connect more deeply with your loved ones, but don't even know who you are anymore? We both know how deeply you want to give them so much more than that.

Join me for a four month deep dive where we'll peel back the layers of who you thought you were or that you were supposed to be to find the real you buried deep inside.

Wouldn't it be amazing to come out of those 120 days more aligned, more on fire, and bursting with more love and passion than you've felt in your whole life?


Wouldn't it be great to wake up every day and know that you're living your life on purpose? 


Let me help show you the “other side” of who you're here to be. The side that's been kept hidden from you for far too long. Let's talk about how to have a deep, intimate relationship with yourself, those around you, and the world at large, and let's bring you back to your true inner self. Because doing that will not only help you shift into a career and soul-path that you love, but will also bring you more rewarding relationships with everyone and everything around you.

Yeah, some of that may sound a little fluffy, and sure, we might get a little “woo,” but let's face it, it's what you've been missing. It's just not possible to live a balanced life while ignoring the other side of yourself. The side that is deeply connected to the universal impulse of life and knows your place in it, moment by moment. And you know the most successful, well-balanced, and soul-aligned people in the corporate world and Hollywood definitely have a few “woo” coaches on speed dial. They just aren't revealing their secrets.



It's time to pick up the phone. Book a free discovery call now to find out if we're a match made in coaching heaven.  

(I coach clients worldwide by Zoom, phone, or Skype)

Let me take you on a 120 day journey to the depths of your soul, and bring you back into alignment with your true brilliance and soul mission.

The world needs you to live your authentic truth.

Not ready to book a call yet?

No problem. Here's a free ebookto give you a better idea of what it would be like to work with me.


Who am I?

Amanda Dobra Hope, D.HLc.,(Doctor of Holistic Life Coaching), M.Div., BA-Communications

I've been helping people worldwide find and live their inner truth since 2008 through coaching, books, seminars, workshops, and corporate speaking engagements.  

Why should you work with me?

I am a master spaceholder (I literally wrote the book on it), and meet you wherever you are at, with language and techniques you can understand, to help you connect back to your inner truth and inner knowing. I've worked internationally with women, men, and teenagers in all different capacities, and now focus on helping burned out executives find and live their soul's truth because the world needs you to be your whole, radiant, and healthy self. I know how to walk the line between what you're used to, and what you need to open up to, without sounding too out there or airy fairy. I used to be you, a busy A-type personality that didn't even know she didn't know the sound of her own inner voice. The person who followed all the rules to “win” at life only to discover that what had been in me since I was very young, that had been suppressed for years, was my most true gift. Rediscovering who I really was through allowing myself to “be” after so many years of “doing” brought me back into balance so that I may now switch back and forth between both with ease and balance, and teach others to do the same. I help you peel back the layers of everything you've picked up over the years that isn't you, so you can find out who you actually are. It's radical re-alignment for the soul!

What can I do for you?

Through strong space holding and intuitive coaching, I figure out where you are at and where you want to be, and then we follow the breadcrumbs to unleash everything that you've picked up along the way that is not in alignment with who you truly are. I am known to be very swift in my discovery, so you get the best bang for your buck in the least amount of time. That said, my coaching calls are 90 minutes, not an hour. I've discovered over many years that the gold of what we need to uncover almost always reveals itself just before the hour mark, and then we use the next thirty minutes to discover the gifts in the gold and figure out a plan to help you continue to integrate what you've discovered.

Why am I qualified to hold the container for your inner discovery?

Check out my testimonials for both my coaching and my books. I get people. It's my superpower. I can sense what you are not saying and know how to ask the right questions to lead you to your inner gold. Spend the time with me for the deep dive, and you will probably not need me again for a long while except for routine “maintenance” or if you get stuck. If either of these comes up, I offer special small package prices for those who have gone through my four month program. Truth is, I give you the tools to tune in to your inner knowing and universal spiritual guidance system so that you can continue to make decisions that keep you aligned with your inner truth.

Don't just take my word for it, see what my a few of my clients, audiences, and readers have to say, and CLICK HERE to read many more!


“When going through an uncertain time in my life, a friend suggested a life coach. Ironically Amanda's name came up on Facebook so I 'hesitantly' made an appointment as I was scared and unsure of the process. On my first visit, Amanda made me feel safe and immediately at ease so I had no fears in sharing my personal issues with her. She has never judged me and was always able to untangle the feelings and emotions I couldn't make sense of. An excellent listener. Honest. Trustworthy. Flexible. Compassionate and truly empathetic. She was able to bring to light the gifts and strengths I had hidden and kept buried after years of self neglect. I highly recommend Amanda and cannot say enough good things about the positive way she changed my life!"

Jackie S

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