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Top 100 Global University

“For our kickoff to the Spring Semester, we had Amanda come in and speak! Amanda's authentic charisma and strong message resonated with our students. It was tremendous working with Amanda. Highly recommend!”

Betsy Hollis

Major Telecommunications Company

“During Covid I asked Amanda to join a Team Virtual Happy Hour to speak about Holding Space. It was a very uplifting and enlightening talk and Amanda has a very easy communication style and ability to say things in a way that is very relatable. The team thoroughly enjoyed her talk.”

Taylor Lueke

"Amanda spoke at our Moms in Business Association Networking event and blew us away with her wit, understanding, and speaking skills while engaging the audience in recognizing the power of space. She taught us that just holding space for ourselves or another is sometimes the best answer-to allow the person to figure out the problem organically. Holding space for you, I, and our kids, is one of the most under looked concepts- yet the first thing we come face to face with. Amanda had us laughing and digging deeper, and provided great skills. I will recommend her to any and everyone looking for that next level inspiration."

Lady Jane Ndukwe- Genuine Womanhood Initiative

"Amanda Dobra Hope was a guest speaker on a Zoom meeting organised by Genuine Womanhood Initiative Pathway to Nation Building (GWI), a Social Reform group in Enugu, Nigeria, on 8th August, 2020. Amanda spoke on the topic: Creating Healthy Partnerships - Know thyself and love thyself. She connected with the teaming audience of youths and adults. It was indeed a delightful session with lots of questions and eye-opening suggestions. Amanda is filled with so much love for humanity and the common good of all. A great speaker and a congenial lady in totality!

We wish you the very best in all your endeavours and look forward to having you in our group again." 

Beth Inglish- Nashville Creative Group

"As the Founder of the Nashville Creative Group, I have invited Amanda Dobra Hope to speak numerous times at our events over the past five years. She consistently has a relevant message to share and her positive attitude naturally attracts the audience to engage. Amanda is a dynamic speaker whose energy excites us all, and her thoughtful ideas teach us something new every time. I highly recommend Amanda!

Shatona Kilgore-Groves- Crown Events

"As an event planner, I am always seeking individuals that will connect with my audiences and I knew that Amanda would do just that. Amanda spoke at the Crown Events' Summer Women's Expo and delivered a message that resonated with so many people in the room. Her message actually stays with you after you leave the excitement of the day and prompts you to examine your life. I'd gladly invite Amanda back to speak, she was genuine, personable, and humorous."


Holding Space- A Guide to Supporting Others While Remembering to Take Care of Yourself First:

The Healing of the Masculine and Feminine- How to Truly Change the World From the Inside, Out