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Amanda Dobra Hope

Corporate Wellness and Happiness Consultant 

Bringing wellness, happiness, and harmony to your company or organization.

Looking to bring more  wellness, happiness, and harmony to your team without bringing on a full-time company culture and wellness director?

Hire me and pay only for the time you need.

As we all know, the success of any team depends on the satisfaction and commitment of its members

Therefore, making sure to address your organization's happiness, wellness, and harmony quotient is an important factor in your success.

The truth is...

Happy people perform better.

Making sure they feel included, valued, and balanced gives 

them more motivation to contribute to the good of the team.


Offering  Monthly Consultancy

With No Minimum Contract


Virtual meetings from anywhere in the world 1x/week for  up to 2 hours with your leadership team 




1 additional meeting/week for up to 2 hours with additional people or teams as desired/necessary


Complimentary add-on services with additonal wellness partners also available 

as desired/necessary




Wouldn't it be great to feel truly aligned and on the same page

as the people you spend so much of your day with?

Doesn't it just make sense to help them buy in to your purpose?


Through almost two decades of holistic life coaching, speaking, writing, and teaching, I have honed my natural talents to see underneath what is being said or presented to where the root of the disharmony lies.  

I am incredibly quick as I use my gifts of intuition, perception, and emotional sensitivity to become the Sherlock Holmes of harmony that your team needs to succeed.

Working with me will save you you tens of thousands of dollars on hiring an additional full-time employee. 


Who am I?

Amanda Dobra Hope, D.HLc.,(Doctor of Holistic Life Coaching), M.Div., BA-Communications

I've been helping people worldwide find peace, harmony, wellness, and authenticity in their lives and businesses since 2008 through coaching, books, seminars, workshops, and corporate speaking engagements.  

Why Work With Me?

I am a master spaceholder (I literally wrote the book on it), and meet you and you team wherever you are at, with language and techniques you can wrap your head around, to help bring peace and harmony to your group. I've worked internationally with people in all different capacities, and I know how to walk the line between what you're used to, and what you need to open up to, without sounding airy fairy. I started my career in corporate management, became an entrepreneur, and have been helping people find alignment, harmony, and balance since 2008.

I am a master at sensing the "elephant in the room" and can quickly spot what needs to be discussed in order to regain harmony and better communication. I can sense what is lingering under the surface and know how to ask the right questions to lead you and your team to the the clarity,  focus, and understanding that you seek. Spend a month or two with me for the deep dive, and you will probably not need me again for a long while except for routine “maintenance.” 

Don't just take my word for it,  CLICK HERE to see what see what a few of my clients, audiences, and readers have to say!

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