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    Holding Space Training

Leaders, Managers, Coaches, Speakers, Teachers, Healers, Caregivers, Healthcare Workers, Massage Therapists, Facilitators, Health & Wellness Practitioners, and Holistic Therapists

You have been trained in your modality, but do you understand how to truly hold space effectively for your clients, staff, or students?

To achieve the best results, you need to be amazing at your modality, but there is another major piece that must be in place. 

You need to be able to (without depleting your own energy), first create the space for the session, and then confidently guide your clients, staff, or students within that space in order to keep things tight and on track. You also must understand how to correctly use your intuition and gifts to take some of the "structure" out of your session in order to allow it to unfold in the way that is best and highest for your client.


How do you do this?

By becoming a master spaceholder, and learning to maximize your talents while empowering both you and your clients/staff/students  to allow your innate knowing to facilitate the healing or communication necessary to give your client amazing results in the least amount of time.


You got into your field in order to help others succeed and be the best versions of themselves. 

 Of course you want the highest results for your clients.

It's why you chose to teach, inspire, lead, and support people.

You are filled with LOVE and desire to see them thrive.

Now you can learn how to truly get out of your own way and let your CONNECTION to your gifts guide you, while also taking amazing care of your own body, mind, and spirit!

I Literally Wrote the Book on It!

You will Learn: How to become a confident and master spaceholder in order to guide your clients faster and more effectively.

Topics Covered Include:

Topics covered include: Allowing Yourself to Be Uncomfortable; Spiritual Considerations and the Role of Intuition in Holding Space; Personal Growth and Self-Care for the Practitioner or leader; Using Your Gifts Confidently and Effectively;

Creating the Container of Allowing and Confidently Guiding Your Sessions ("The Rules" for every session), How to Get Far Enough Underneath the Presenting Issue to Clear the Core Block or Wound for Your Client; Understanding and Directing Your Energy and Setting Energetic Boundaries, How to Honor Yourself as a Spaceholder, Being Present; Keeping Things on Track; and "Shifting"

The trainings are based on the book: Holding Space- A Guide to Supporting Others While Remembering to Take Care of Yourself First, with a larger focus and wider expansion on Professional Spaceholding.

Contact me today to bring this training to your group or organization!

*2020/2021/2022 Note* Training is offered virtually only at this time*

Upcoming Trainings

Inquire Within

(In Person) -3 Hours of Lecture/Group Work with 1 hour for dinner on your own/with new friends!

*Virtual Trainings Allow for a 30 minute break for lunch/dinner, with a couple short restroom breaks in between*

Price includes a copy of the book: Holding Space- A Guide to Supporting Others While Remembering to Take Care of Yourself First

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