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"How To Create Healthy Partnerships"

Video Class Series


This affordable video class series is chock full of outside-the-box 

methods to creating amazing partnerships, beginning with a 

solid foundation and building from there. 

Old worn-out ideas for how to properly relate to our partners will be dissolved,

and fresh, new, and ENJOYABLE ideas will be introduced.


Six-Part Video Class Series

Learn the keys to healthy relationship foundations


Option 1

Video Course Only

Self-paced video course.


Option 2

Video Course Package

* Self-paced video course PLUS 

* Access to me for one email question/week for six weeks

* Two- 30 minute coaching sessions by phone!



This class will fit into any lifestyle!

Short videos (30 min or less each) chock full of information and ideas,

with concrete steps to implement them. 

Watch one video per week and complete the short exercises.

***The focus of this class is on intimate partnerships, but you'll find the information applicable to all types of personal partnerships, and probably some business ones as well!

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