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"She's a cross between a hippie and a cool chick"

That's how I've been described by some. :)

Read on to find out more!

The words I use to best describe how I serve the world currently are: Teacher, Author, Intuitive Holistic Life Coach, Speaker, Facilitator, Space Holder, Visionary, and Evolutionary Pioneer.

I've also been referred to as a "cross between a hippie and a cool chick." :) I like that one very much. It demonstrates that one of my unique attributes is bridging the gap between many things. As we are infinite souls here in the physical world, we have to acknowledge and pay attention to all sides of ourselves. By allowing myself to express many sides of both my spiritual and physical aspects and personality, I can hold the space for and allow you to do the same!

For those looking for a more physical description of my skills, a list of my three dimensional certifications, degrees, and accomplishments includes:

*TEDx Speaker-2019

*Ordination as a freelance Non-Denominational Minister

*Master of Divinity in Metaphysics (Spiritual Counseling)

*Doctorate in Holistic Life Coaching

*Multiple book awards

*And certifications as both an Agent of Conscious Evolution (ACE), and Advanced ACE -Guide


Still want to know more?

Feel free to keep reading...

The real truth is that I studied Metaphysics because I was looking for a "broad based" spiritual education. As many people are not familiar with what the true study of metaphysics encompasses, when you mention the word, people's initial thoughts may turn to ghosts and paranormal phenomenon. Really, metaphysics is a bridge between science and spirituality. Miriam Webster's definition is: a(1) : a division of philosophy that is concerned with the fundamental nature of reality and being and that includes ontology, cosmology, and often epistemology (2) b : abstract philosophical studies : a study of what is outside objective experience.

Throughout my training, I studied such things as: world religions, dreamwork, yoga, ayurveda, grief work, symbols and archetypes, and meditation. Beyond official coursework, I have gained much of the knowledge and wisdom that I infuse into my coaching and writing from seeking it out and devouring it on my own, or learning from conscious life experience. I am also a very intuitive person, skilled in knowing what questions to ask and how to guide your session in order to achieve the best results for you!  Being that I am interested in balancing my masculine and feminine energies (as we all should), I have studied many different aspects of psychology, sociology, philosophy, archetypes, and many forms of energetic sciences in various degrees on my own as well.

My true religion is Love, and my guiding force is what I call God and my 'team.' We are all born into this world as children of God, infinite souls, with our unique talents and gifts to give and express. My dream includes a world where everyone feels free to live in their authenticity, and to express the gifts and talents that are uniquely theirs. It includes remembering that we are not separate, and that when we all choose to live as our authentic selves and shine our brightest, the world will have no choice but to come together in beautiful harmony of co-creation.

I promise not to shove spirituality down your throat if you don't wish to talk about it or don't believe in it. I don't have a specific agenda anyway. My deepest desire is to guide you toward reclaiming your true and authentic self, so you may find your proper place in this world and develop amazing relationships with yourself as well as everyone and everything around you.  It doesn't matter what you call that which is larger than you, where you came from, or how you got here. I just want you to be your full and authentic self and give your unique contribution to the world so we can all thrive and be FREE.

You can also find me at:

*For an article/interview that really gives a deep dive into my work and what I help people with, click:

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